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Great! You’ve made it! Welcome to my humble abode here at

If you landed here because I sent you an e-mail, or you followed one of the links on Social Media, then this means, that you are looking for a change. You have accepted the need for more marketing, saw an opportunity to check out a local business (that’s me! yay!) and now you are window shopping. See? How convenient. I have a website, and now you can meet me! No worries, no pressure. Look around, see what I got. Need help? Great! I would love to help!

Why did you decide it’s time for a change? A competitor has been poaching your clients with the new innovative strategies? Or your customers have been saying “are you on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram? Let’s connect!” Or you are expanding your products and services and need to spread the word? These are all legitimate reasons. Let me see what I can do here.

If no big strategic change is needed, we can start small, by printing some basic essentials and setting up some Social Media ads (ask me about the promos I have). In case you feel that I am to be trusted to lead the rest of your marketing, we can work out a plan to achieve your marketing goals, whether it is attracting new clients (“Pull”), or increasing sales (“Push”).

Yes, I know, you have your set group of customers, being perfectly happy with who you are and how you position yourself among competition. Although you have a great product/service, in this economy, it is not enough anymore. Accept the necessity and value of promoting your brand (btw, by “brand” I mean You, Your shop, or any or all of your products/services) by placing it in front of the right crowd.

Why me? Why would you ask me for help, when you just “met” me? Good point. Take your time, get to know me.

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to learn more about Illustrating Life and Leaving a Print. With my education in Marketing and Advertising, and experience working with the companies of all sizes, I will not waste your time on unnecessary services, just to make you pay for it. I know, as a small business, you are struggling to stay afloat already. It is not in my plans to burden you even further.

My point here is this: I am a small business, so I know how a small business thinks. I will help you gain the confidence of your marketing efforts, as you and me together will work out the best plan of action fitting your unique goals.

So lay it on me, talk to me about your big and small projects, design or print, or Social Media. No project is too small for me

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