Big Design for Small Business

Great! You’ve made it! Welcome to my humble abode here at

Thank You for visiting. I am your local designer with printing capabilities. I can also create and manage your e-blast campaigns and social media presence.

Why work with me? 

I have experience with corporate standards, as well as small business adaptability. I was not surprised, when a client called one of my small business clients “a big company”, because that is exactly what we were trying to portrait.

Here are a few good reasons to work with me:

  • Your marketing materials need an update
  • You need to launch a new product line and are looking for a market buzz
  • Expenses are mounting, and you are worried about your marketing expenses
  • You are shopping around just to try to work with somebody new

Based at home, I have low overhead expenses, therefore able to keep my prices very competitive. I am hungry, and therefore I am willing to do my best. I am no greedy, I can do your small projects, the ones that your regular agency or printer is too big to handle.

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to learn more about the Big Design for Small Business. With my education in Marketing and Advertising, and experience working with the companies of all sizes, I will not waste your time on unnecessary services, just to make you pay for it. I know, as a small business, you are struggling to stay afloat already. It is not in my plans to burden you even further.

My point here is this: I am a small business, so I know how a small business thinks. I will help you gain the confidence of your marketing efforts, as you and me together will work out the best plan of action fitting your unique goals.

So lay it on me, talk to me about your big and small projects, design or print, or Social Media. No project is too small for me

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