I print at an astoundingly high 300 Lines per inch (LPI),

which means your printed materials will have over 75% more clarity than the traditional 175 LPI the other guys print at.The difference is clear- printing with me will give you a crisp and sharp image, giving you the best finished product on all of your printed material.

Vivid print quality inks

My supplier uses soy-oil based inks instead of traditional petroleum-based ink. We take pride in our ability to meet the high standards of quality, consistency and performance in our inks that our customers have come to expect.
The high quality inks ensure your printed product is reproduced flawlessly with vivid and briliant colours.

Get rewarded for running your business!

Get as many gift cards as you can with every order of $500! No limit per customer. Order must be fully paid to receive the reward. Get a gift card from any major retail network in GTA!