Small Local Business Marketing Package: Bar or Restaurant

So you opened your restaurant. Or a bar. Or an eatery. Whatever you serve, you need a proper marketing plan accompanied by proper marketing materials. What do you need? (Let’s assume you have a logo and its a good one.)

  1. Menu. You need to always have a menu template designed and ready to be printed: enough laminated menus to start serving + take home menus.
  2. Website & Social Media. More than a half of your potential customers will turn to the Internet, when deciding what to eat and where. (I know, I’ve done this.) This means the internet and social media presence is crucial for your marketing. You need photography-based network presence, like Instagram and Pinterest, as well as some content-based B2C (“business to consumer”, that’s marketing speak) network, like Facebook. Strong presence on the review sites like Yelp is absolutely crucial, because that’s how people who have never visited you will know if this good be a good decision. Encourage your customers to write honest reviews, while they are on site, and reward them for taking time to do so with a drink or a coupon.
  3. External Signs. There are plenty of varieties of external signs on the market. Let you imagination run wild! I collected a couple of ideas on Pinterest. This can help you become noticed and create a talk in the town.
  4. Uniforms for your staff. T-shirts and aprons, or other clothing. Keep it simple but fun. Uniforms is not why people will come back, but are essential for a rounded  experience while they are at your place.
  5. Business Cards. You need cards for yourself, as well as for your restaurant. Encourage the customers to take a card when they leave, or have them take a scan of a QR code with all your place details.

I think these are the basic basics. There is so much more a creative restaurant owner can do with his place. It’s important: once you start, you have to keep going. Be consistent, do not abandon your Social Media accounts, replace menus often, run promotions, etc.

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The 2 Packages I am currently offering, are:


$2000 Package includes

  1. 2000 Take Home Menus,

  2. 500 Business Cards,

  3. 1 month of Social Media (3 networks),

  4. 25 T-shirts,

  5. 1 A-Frame Steel Sign

  6. + 4 Gift Cards as a Thank You from me!


$3500 Package includes

  1. 3000Take Home Menus,

  2. 1000 Business Cards,

  3. 2 months of Social Media (3 networks),

  4. 25 T-shirts,

  5. 200 Plastic Menus

  6. + 7 Gift Cards as a Thank You from me!

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