Experiential Marketing: Promotional Packages for Pop-up Stations

You might think, that these days all the most amazing and innovative promotions are digital and exist mostly online. There are dozens of ways of incorporating live shopping experience at the brick and mortar store with online shopping. And you, as a small local retail shop owner, feel urged to buy and install apps, set up online stores and offer various promotions online.

Indeed, more and more customers are moving towards digital shopping, leaving stores empty. Nevertheless face-to-face selling is still alive, experiential marketing is one of the most successful tactics, and if used correctly, can become quite successful.

Position your brand in front of your potential consumers by using promotional teams and setting up pop-up stations in the most crowded places, talk to your customers, educate them, raise awareness of your brand and drive traffic to your store. Such stations can reach hundreds and thousands of people through one-on-one interactions; and if you think its not that great of a number and is not worth it, you would be wrong.  People, who experienced a brand or a service personally now feel connected to the brand, naturally becoming its advocates. Now they can spread your word for you.

Run contests, give out branded reward items, encourage people to sign up for email list (a tablet with the internet connection might be needed) or show your products and hand out samples. The list of interactions can go on and on. I am a big advocate for experiential marketing, as I have done a few of these events in the past, and can vouch for the great impact.

Personal communication not only conveys your store message, it can become an event, a PR opportunity, in some extreme cases, it can even land media on your doorstep. And isn’t media the best way to spread the word locally?

Well, if you decide one day, that you are ready to move towards personal promotions, consider one of my promotional packages.

Silver: $2500

  1. 2000 flyers

  2. 2 pop-up banners like the one on the sample below (for 2 stations)

  3. 4 promoters working 6 hrs each (1 day)

  4. 10 branded T-shirts

  5. Social Media ads management (cost of the ads not included)

  6. Report

  7. +5 Gift Cards from me

Gold: $4000

  1. 4000 flyers

  2. 2 pop-up banners (for 2 stations)

  3. 4 promoters working 12 hrs each (2 days)

  4. 10 branded T-shirts

  5. 500 branded reward items for filling out a questionnaire, or email list sign up.

  6. Social Media ads management (cost of the ads not included)

  7. Report

  8. +8 Gift Cards from me

You can request to change any of these options according to your needs. Just specify in the "comment" section your preferences