Small Local Business Marketing Package: Real Estate Agent

With all the Social Media hype, do the Real Estate agents still use print? YES! They do! Real Estate agents use both. Print and digital are both essential to promoting your business locally.

Let’s see: “For Sale” signs, business cards, even outside A-frame signs, similar to those the restaurants use are your print essentials. Social Media and email campaigns are your digital essentials.

1. For Sale sign: Keep it strong, informative, and attractive. Make an impression and inform the neighborhood. Make them remember you. There are various stock options: coroplast of various thickness, 40pt Display Board, 20pt Styrene or 3mm Sintra. Pick your favorite. Size adjusted to your need.
2. 500 business cards: Keep them creative to make an impact! Check my Pinterest Business cards board for ideas.
3. A-frame signs to announce you open house.
4. Flyers, postcards, tri-folds, door hangers. Distribute them generously. Keep it local.
5. Social Media organic and paid presence. Choose both!
6. Other digital: website, ppc and email campaigns.

To save on these essentials and keep your marketing organized and streamlined, take advantage of the Marketing Packages I offer. The 2 Packages I am currently offering, are:


$1000 Package includes

  1. 2 coroplast For Sale signs

  2. 500 Business Cards (3.5×2″; other sizes and scoring or die-cutting is extra)

  3. 500 Door Hangers

  4. 2 email blasts (conditional on you having your email list) or 3 banners included in my lists

  5. 1 A-Frame Steel Sign

  6. + 2 Gift Cards as a Thank You from me!


$2000 Package includes

  1. 2 coroplast For Sale signs,

  2. 2500 Post Cards

  3. 1000 Business Cards with die-cutting

  4. 3 email blasts (conditional on you having your email list) or 4 banners included in my lists

  5. 2 A-Frame Steel Signs

  6. + 4 Gift Cards as a Thank You from me!

You can request to change any of these options according to your needs. Just specify in the "comment" section your preferences

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